of Me

Reflections of Service and Self Discovery

A Book by Travis Kumph

The book speaks to the universality of service immersion changing one's heart and mind to consider justice, diversity, and spirituality.

Peace of Me: Reflections of Service and Self Discovery provides readers with a unique perspective on service-immersion and the profound impact that these types of experiences can have on both the communities being served as well as on those volunteering. Travis Kumph's account of his experiences in an impoverished community in Peru, along with the intimate reflections of twenty-two other volunteers serving in the U.S. and throughout Latin America, provides real-life examples of how and why these types of alternative service trips are becoming increasingly more popular. Each story begins with someone's decision to volunteer, but reoccurring themes of social justice, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment reveal that this is much more than just an alternative vacation for college students. Readers are left with a better understanding of the value of short-term service immersion experiences and, with any luck, will also be left with the desire to engage in this type of experience for themselves.

Kumph's love of service and the people of Peru is evident, meeting the reader on each and every page.

A native of Jaffrey, NH, Travis Kumph graduated from Stonehill College in May of 2010, where he studied healthcare administration, Spanish, and health sciences. After college, he co-founded Friends New England, a 501(c)3 non-profit that fosters sustainable educational and social development projects in Nicaragua and Peru. Travis travels to Peru several times a year to coordinate and lead service-immersion trips, and to work with various schools and other NGOs. He has collaborated with filmmaker Mark Denega to produce H.O.P.E. Was Here, a feature documentary inspired by Peace of Me. The film follows a group of college students on the same alternative spring break trip to Canto Grande, Peru that Kumph describes in his book. In addition to his efforts across Latin America, Travis works at a rehabilitation center for children with educational and developmental disabilities in Southern New Hampshire. Please feel free to contact Travis at